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Practical TCM & Pharmacology Acupuncture and Moxibustion


Acupunctura e Moxibustão.

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"This is the second volume in the "Practical Traditional Chinese Medecine and Pharmacology" series. With a view to practicability and convenience, this book, unlike most acupuncture books, neither merely explains the location, function, pathological indications of each acupoint in its introduction to acupoints, nor does it merely list the syndromes and the points to be applied in its section on treatment of common diseases. Instead, while introducing one acupoint, the book also provides detailed information on the main points to be combined with it in treating different types of diseases as well as the point variations for the different syndromes of the same diseases. And it differentiates each disease to determine the nature of its syndrome as a doctor would have done in the clinic before finally deciding on the point-combinations to be used, the purpose and function of which, too, are explained in detail."

Geng Junying & Su Zhihong

New World Press

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