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Pulse Diagnosis: The Series of Traditional Chinese Medicine for Foreign Readers

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"Pulse Diagnosis is one volume of the Series of Traditional Chinese Medicine for Foreign Readers.

This book may be one of the most important book on pulse diagnosis in traditional Chinese medicine. In this book, the author made a systematic analysis of the development of pulse diagnosis theory in TCM, the features of the normal pulse conditions, the features of morbid pulse conditions, the comparison of similar pulse conditions, the main points of indications of each of the pulse conditions, as well as the physiological basis of pulse diagnosis in TCM. Besides, he also made a careful discussion on the attentions of pulse-taking. Foreign readers will find many useful things in this book concerning their study and clinical practice in TCM field.

It should be suggested that pulse diagnosis is a very hard subject in TCM. It can not be mastered well unless the readers practice a lot in their clinical practice based on a deep understanding of the pulse conditions described in this book.

This book can be used as both a textbook for foreign TCM learners and the foreign TCM practitioners. In addition, it may also be adopted as a reference book for Western doctors who hope have some knowledge of TCM."

Lu Yubin

Shandong Science and Technology Press

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