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Secret of Chinese Pulse Diagnosis (The)

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"For more than 2000 years Chinese doctors have relied on pulse diagnosis to identify patterns of disharmony in the body. The ability to read the pulse remains a crucial diagnostic tool in Chinese medicine to this day. Unfortunately, few Western practitioners of Oriental medicine feel truly competent in this art.

In this book, Bob Flaws, a world-renowned Western teacher and practitioner of Traditional Chinese Medicine, explains why Western students and practitioners often have difficulty reading the pulse. He then reveals the secret of mastering the subtle art of Chinese pulse diagnosis, offering a way for anyone who applies this method in clinical practice to feel all 27 or 28 classical pulses.

Author, translator, or editor of more than 50 books on acupuncture and Chinese medicine, Bob Flaws has earned a reputation as a clear, insightful and organized teacher. In addition to being an NCCA diplomate of acupuncture and Chinese herbs, Dr. Flaws is also a fellow of the National Academy of Acupuncture & Oriental Medicine and a founder of the Council of Oriental Medical Publishers. He has had a clinical practice specializing in traditional Chinese gynecology in Boulder, Colorado since 1979."

Bob Flaws

Blue Poppy Press

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