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Advanced Textbook on TCM and Pharmacology. Vol.IV

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"Compiled by the State Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Pharmacy, this series is the first authoritative textbook for foreign students studying traditional Chinese medicine.

It has taken into consideration the cultural differences as well as the fact that foreign students are only allotted limited time for classroom studies, making necessary compression of the original edition for Chinese full-time college students of traditional Chinese medicine while preserving the essence.

Volume I covers the history, basic theories and diagnosis of traditional Chinese medicine; Volume II deals with pharmacy and the sciences of traditional prescription; Volume III dedicates to internal medicine, providing readers with in-depth analysis of etiology and pathogenesis, principles of treatment, as well as sufficient case studies.

Elaborating on acupuncture and moxibustion, Volume IV includes three parts - meridians and acupoints, manipulation of acupuncture and moxibustion, and therapeutics. With detailed line drawings, the textbook provides readers with every convenience to locate the acupoint and carry out the moxibustion treatment. The therapeutic part of Volume IV offers syndrome differentiation and the treatment of various diseases, from internal disorders, gynecological and infantile illness to emergency measures. In the appendix of Volume IV, readers can also find acupuncture anesthesia method and the ziwuliuzhu doctrine for locating acupoints."

Ming Shunpei & Yang Shunyi

New World Press

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