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Concise Chinese Materia Medica

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"Concise Chinese Materia Medica is one volume of The Series of Traditional Chinese Medicine for Foreign Readers.

This book consists of 2 parts: general information and classified introduction. General information deals with the basic theory of Chinese materia medica including the characteristics and processing of the drugs as well as their compatibility, contraindication, dosage, administration, etc. Classified introduction makes a detailed descriptions of 197 commonly-used drugs in clinical practice which are stated in 18 categories according to their nature and indications. Each drug, in turn, is expounded in 6 respects: description, characteristics, action, indications, administration and precautions.

With the emphasis of this book laid on action and indications, the compilers made an effort to write the content concisely and clearly in simple words so as to meet the needs of foreign readers.

Such drugs as Hu Gu (Os Tigris), Chuan Shan Jia (Squama Manitis) and Xi Niu Jiao (Cornu Rhinocerotis) which are under protection are still included in this book with a view to presenting truly Chinese materia medica."

Zheng Guili & Zhang Chengbo

Shandong Science and Technology Press

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