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Chinese Acupuncture and Massage: A Concise Annotation

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"This book consists of six chapters. Chapter 1 introduces the basic theory of acupuncture and Chinese massage, Meridian System and acupoints. Chapter 2 through 4 introduce the techniques of acupuncture manipulations, moxibustion, and Chinese massage, and some new methods of modern acupoint treatment. Chapter 5 discusses the applications of acupuncture and Chinese massage through some common case presentations. Chapter 6 introduces the prophylactic function of acupuncture and Chinese massage.

The purposes of this book are to summarize acupuncture and Chinese massage, interpret useful components of their science, communicate this in modern Chinese. This book is based on the textbook (6th version) of the acupuncture and moxibustion major and the related textbook of Chinese massage. New developments in the science and author's new viewpoint have been included in this text.

This book can serve as an informational and reference resource for practitioners and others interested in the field of acupuncture and Chinese massage, as a supportive bilingual text for elective courses in medical colleges, as well as a reference book for people who have undertaken a more in depth study of the discipline."

Jiang Songhe & Lou Xinfa

People's Medical Publishing House

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