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Chinese Beauty Massage

Massagem/ Tuina.
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"Beauty is an eternal theme of mankind. The love of beauty is common to all people, and the love for beauty is a human nature. Beauty is a common aim pursued by the male and female, the old and young. From innocent children to blooming teenagers, from elegant youths to graceful middle-aged, all are seeking beauty and trying to create it. Beauty is a favor to the young, but not a patent. The life of a human being is a life for beauty.

A beautiful mind requires the nurturing of culture, the cultivation of morals, the shaping of belief and the reform of self. A healthy and beautiful figure and looks require a fine physique and scientific care. The "magic skill" of health and beauty and the miraculous method of longevity lie precisely in the book we are sincerely recommending you Chinese Beauty Massage.

This age-old and young medical skill is the fruit of a combination of the efforts of generations and modern science. Its simplicity comes from its complexity which conforms to regular laws, and its easiness stems from hardships constantly surmounted. From the age-old meridian theory to the present cybernetics, from "yin and yang in equilibrium" to "information control", all radiate the light of wisdom. The purpose of beauty and health massage is to invigorate the essence, qi and vitality of the body and bring the potential energy of health and beauty to full play. It is like an effective teacher, under whom assiduous study produces even greater sucess. It is like a colorful pen, which if used enables you to draw beautiful pictures. It is like a gold key, which if properly turned in the lock will open the treasury of health and beauty. Mastery of this medical skill may free you from the pain of needles and knives, the poison of drugs and the burden of monetary expenses. Once you have learned it, you will benefit from it all your life...

Dear friends, beauty is beckoning to you. Please start now, and preserve your beauty with your own hands."

Bian Chunqiang and Tao Yu

Shandong Friendship Press

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