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Chinese Practical Massage Charts: Massage for Keeping Fit

Massagem/ Tuina.
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"Chinese massage is an ancient medical art that can prevent and cure many diseases efficaciously. This series of massage charts consist of Hand Massage, Foot Massage, Massage for Keeping Fit, and Massage for Disease Treatment. Each chart includes basic acupoints, methods of operation, and exercise procedures. The practical instruction to make the procedures available to everyone, is easy to understand, learn, and grasp.

Massage for keeping fit is a simple and practical method of health care using various techniques and special actions of the limbs on parts of the human body. Its exercises include several operations of the fingers, palms, wrists, and elbows to stimulate various parts of the body for preventing diseases.

This set of charts introduces basic massage skills and techniques which may help to promote good health.

This book is suitable for individuals and professionals alike."

Jiang Cheng'an & Du Juan

Morning Glory Publishers

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