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Illustrated Massage for Middle-Aged and Older Adults


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"The rapid development of medical science and increased use of medical technology have brought about iatrogenic and drug-induced disorders, which can be mystifying and even alarming. So nonpharmaceutic therapies have become more and more popular.

Massage therapy has a long historical development and is one of the brilliant components of traditional therapies. More and more medical practitioners and health-conscious people focus on massage therapy because of its special procedures, effectiveness and other advantages which other therapies can never replace.

In order to advance Traditional Chinese Medicine and develop applications for massage therapy which can prevent and treat diseases, we wrote this illustrated series based on our decades of clinical experience. There are four volumes in this series including Illustrated Massage for Infants and Toddlers, Illustrated Massage for Pregnant Women, Illustrated Massage for Couples and Illustrated Massage for Middle-Aged and Older Adults.

This volume is the illustrated introduction to physiological and pathological characteristics in middle-aged and older adults, and selection and combination of manipulations for treating commonly seen disorders based both on the characteristics and Syndrome Identification. The five chapters include general knowledge, basic manipulations, commonly used sequences, the prevention and treatment of commonly encountered disorders in the middle-aged and older adult and self-massage. 437 illustrations are included to demonstrate the manipulations discussed in the book and make this therapy easy to understand, learn and master."

Qu Jingxi & Wang Huanguo

Shandong Science and Technology Press

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