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On the Standard Nomenclature of Traditional Chinese Medicine

Medicina Tradicional Chinesa - Geral.
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"This book came into being on the basis of research on the topic of "Standard English Translation of TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) Nomenclature" under the auspices of the State Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine, done by the writer. The aim of the research was to sort out the various existing English translations of TCM nomenclature, standardize the English terms and lay a foundation and offer a reference for internationalizing and standardizing all TCM nomenclature. The relevant sections of the World Health Organization have shown great interest in this work.

More than 1,000 basic TCM terms were selected for this book, and each of them was given a standard English translation. Careful analysis of the various English translation. Careful analysis of the various English translations of a TCM term reveals the reason why a preferred translation was decided upon. It is expected that this book will have a great influence on the work of internationalizing and standardizing TCM nomenclature, and promoting the application and influence of TCM nomenclature worldwide."

Xie Zhufan

Foreign Languages Press

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