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Practical Ways to Good Health Through Traditional Chinese Medicine

Medicina Tradicional Chinesa - Geral.
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"Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) is a treasure house in the country's fine cultural traditions. In its several thousand years of development it has accumulated rich experience in preventing and treating diseases. An especially important part of it is its scientific ways of keeping in good health.

This book on the practical ways to maintain good health is not an academic work. It describes for ordinary people the various simple ways of keeping fit and curing illnesses. How to sleep, diet, wear clothes, take a bath, maintain a healthy mood, have a normal sex life, as well as how to cure some common diseases such as insomnia and lumbago by yourself. Expensive drugs are not always necessary with diseases such as high blood pressure and cancer. Better is the prevention that can be had in everyday life - being optimistic and open-minded, scientific in diet, getting proper exercise, avoiding liquor and smoking.

Most of the articles in this book are contributed by teachers with the Beijing Institute of Traditional Chinese Medicine. Some have appeared in China Today (formerly China Reconstructs) and received favorable reactions. To meet the requests of readers we have compiled these into this book, adding more to make the content richer. Pictures and plates have been used to illustrate.

Practical is the word of this book. Every item is clearly explained, making it easy to follow. Keep trying for your health's sake and you will see good results."

Ai Shan

China Today Press

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