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Pointing Therapy: A Chinese Traditional Therapeutic Skill

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"Pointing therapy, a Chinese traditional therapy, is an important component of traditional Chinese medicine, derived from Chinese martial arts, so-called Chinese Wushu. For many centuries it has made a great contribution to the development of the Chinese nation and the people's health. This therapy has a broad indication and a good therapeutic effect, being indeed a safe and economical therapy, it, therefore, is widely accepted in China.

Based on the classic theory of traditional Chinese medicine we summarized our own clinical experiece and wrote this book. In this book there are four chapters: general consideration, technique of pointing therapy, common points and stimulant lines, and clinical application. In addition, 99 illustrations are present in the book.

We would like to express our appreciation and gratitude to professor Lu Guangting in Qingdao Medical College, our leaders and colleagues in our hospital for their kind help. We wish to extend our sincere thanks to the publishers and editors."

Jia Li Hui & Jia Zhao Xiang

Shandong Science and Technology Press

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