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Auricular Point-Pressing Therapy

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"This is one volume of The Series of Traditional Chinese Medicine for Foreign Readers.

Auricular-point-pressing therapy is an important component of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). Over several thousand years' medical practice and life experience, Chinese medical workers have accumulated a considerable experience on auriculartherapy and have made great contributions to the treatment and prevention of various diseases involving the internal diseases, surgical diseases, gynecological diseases and pediatric diseases. Up to now, in addition to needling with filiform needles, many other methods for stimulating auricular points have developed, shuch as needle-embedding, electrostimulation, drug injection, auricular moxibustion, laser radiation and point-pressing. Point-pressing is the most widely applied method because of its convenient manipulation, little injury, painlessness, reliable therapeutic effects and easy acceptance by patients. To promote its application, we compile this book on the basis of collection of all the relevant and available data and the author's twenty years experience. We hope it can make a contribution to the health service of all nations over the world.

This book consists of five parts: Introduction, Anatomy of the Auricle, Auricular Points, Clinical Application of Auricular-point-pressing Therapy, and Treatment of Common Diseases. In the part of Introduction, mechanism and characteristics of auricular-point-pressing are introduced; In the part of Anatomy of the Auricle, anatomical knowledge of the auricle is explained in detail; In the part of Auricular Points, ninety auricular points adopted by World Health Organization (WHO) and All-China Association of Acupuncture and Moxibustion and some empirical points are introduced concerning the location, function and indication. In the part of Clinical Application of Auricular-point-pressing Therapy, principles for point prescription, detecting methods and different pressing approaches are described; and in the part of Treatment of Common Diseases, nearly eighty diseases are discussed in aspects of clinical manifestations, point selection, pressing methods, basis for selection of points and references for treatment. Diseases discussed here include internal diseases, surgical diseases, gynecological diseases, pediatric diseases, and diseases of the eye, ear, nose, throat and mouth cavity. Besides, there is schematic diagram for the selection of points attached to each disease to facilitate the reader's use.

Based on clinical practice, this book deals with a wide range of diseases with combined use of words and illustrations. Being easy to understand and very practical, this book can be a reference for professionals and other medical workers and those who are interested in auricular-point-pressing therapy."

Shan Qiuhua

Shandong Science and Technology Press

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