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Non-Pharmacotherapies for Diabetes

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"Diabetes is a common and frequently-occuring disease whichendangers human health and lives. Unfortunately, its incidence tends torise year by year. It has been a troublesome problem to medicalscientists all over the world owing to its high lethality anddisability rate of the disease itself and its complications. Though manycountries put a considerable amount of funding into the study of thedisease every year, little effect has been produced. The complexity ofitsetiology also renders it very difficult to prevent. In recent years, the study of the disease has developed into a new special discipline andmany scholars have devoted themselves to the deepening study of thedisease with regard to its etiology and pathology. Some new advanceshave been made both in traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) and in Western medicine with a number of good methods for its prevention andtreatment. However, they are based, in most cases, on pharmacotherapyand physical exercise, and the unavailability of really effectivetherapeutic methods still embarrasses the medical world as well as thevictims of the disease."

Cheng Yichun, Feng Jianhua, Li Huadong, Qian Qiuhai, Wang Guocai, Xu Yunsheng, Yin Yihui & Zhang Dengbu

Shandong Science and Technology Press

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