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Mirror of Health, Tongue Diagnosis in Chinese Medicine

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"The tongue manifestations are a mirror of the internal organs. By the observation of the tongue manifestations, the health condition of the human body can be understood and the severity and nature of diseases can be estimated. The observation of the tongue is an indispensable diagnostic method with specific feature of Chinese medicine in the clinical diagnosis of diseases and is also an important foundation for syndrome differentiation and treatment in Chinese medicine.

Based upon the source materials of the typical tongue manifestations accumulated by Prof. Fei Zhao-fu and other authors from Shangai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine in their long-term clinical practice, this book is compiled with the choice photos of the representative tongue manifestations of the commonly encountered diseases.

Every type of tongue manifestation includes the literal contents in those aspects of concrete features of the tongue manifestations and their pathological significance, syndrome differentiation and treatment, and life advice corresponding to the photo. The changes of the tongue manifestations in the process of diseases and the photos and literal explanations on comprehensive analysis of the tongue diagnosis and other symptoms are provide too.

- The contents of this book are rich, simple, practical and readable.

- The photos of the selected tongue manifestations are real and exquisite in color and image.

- High reference value for vast numbers of the beginners of Chinese medicine and junior clinicians.

-Ordinary readers without professional background can observe their own tongue manifestations to understand their own health status by studying this book.

- Process your own healthcare by referring to the related "life advice" in this book."

Fei Zhao-fu & Gu Yi-di

People´s Medical Publishing House

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