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Textbook for TCM Higher Education - Traditional Chinese Materia Medica

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"Since the seventies of the 20th century, the value and advantages of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) have gradually gained recognition in the prevention and treatment of diseases. Consequently there has been a world-wide surge of TCM research in the medical field: many international TCM academic organizations have come into being and have been working actively ever since, and more and more overseas scholars show an intensive interest in the study, research and practice of TCM. In order to popularize TCM around the world, many TCM scholars have contributed much to TCM education by writing, compiling and translating TCM textbooks and reference books. Yet there are few TCM textbooks, especially, for TCM higher education. After reviewing the existing textbooks for TCM higher education in Chinese and some TCM books availabe in English, we have compiled this set of TCM textbooks to meet the increasing need for a higher level of TCM education in English. This set consists of the following volumes: The Basic Theories of TCM, TCM Diagnostics, Traditional Chinese Materia Medica, Science of Acupuncture and Moxibustion, TCM Formulae, TCM Internal Medicine, TCM Gynecology, TCM Surgery, TCM Pediatrics, Essential Practical Techniques for Traditional Chinese Materia Medica, TCM Orthopedics and Traumatology, Chinese Tuina, TCM Dietetics, TCM Doctrines of Different Schools, Dictionary of TCM Terms, Progress of TCM Research, etc.

To keep the textbooks systematic, upto-date and in high quality, a compilingproofreading board has been formed. Their responsibilities are to design the outline and styles of the compilation, and make sure that there is no undesired omission or repetition; and besides, the chief compiler and translator of each book will be responsible for the quality of the book compiled and translated by them."

Yang Yongliang

Wuhan University Press

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