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Atlas Collection of Acupuncture & Massage

Massagem/ Tuina.
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"Acupuncture is a brilliant pearl in the treasure-house of traditional Chinese medicine and also the common wealth of the human beings. Acupuncture therapy along with massage therapy are clinically suitable for a wide range of indications. They are effective for some diseases which hardly cured by modern medicine. Acupuncture is increasingly becoming popular and accepted by the clinicians and public at home and abroad.

For the purpose of developing traditional Chinese medicine and meeting the needs of the learners of various countries, Atlas Collection of Points in Acupuncture & Massage, is now completed as a present. It is the best for those foreign friends who wants to learn acupuncture in an easy way. This atlas is also helpful to professional acupuncturists.

We believe that this atlas will bring you considerable improvement on acupuncture study.

Zhao Xin

Beijing Science & Technology Press

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