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Tuina Therapy

Massagem/ Tuina.
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"This book is one volumm of The Series of Traditional Chinese Medicine for Foreign Readers.

Tuina, also known as Chinese Massage, is one of the traditional Chinese medical therapies. As an invaluable legacy of the Chinese medicines, it has been well received among people in general, for its simple manipulation, easy learning, striking curative effects, safty, etc.

This book is composed of three parts. Part one issustuates sixty-five Tuina manoeuvres commonly used in clinical practice. Part two introduces seventy-three locales and points frequently operated on. Part three expounds forty-four common diseases and their corresponding treatments. In addition, 215 diagrams and 35 typical cases are included to facilitate a better understanding of Tuina therapy.

The book, for its richness in content, pithiness in compiling style and succinctness in language, may be used as a reference for practitioners on clinical practice, reseachers in medical study, or teachers and students in pedagogical training. Moreover, it is also applicable to households to prevent and cure various diseases."

Wang Daoquan

Shandong Science and Technology Press

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