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Textbook for TCM Higher Education - Basic Teories Traditional Chinese Medicine

Medicina Tradicional Chinesa - Geral.
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"Traditional Chinese medicine, abbreviated as TCM, is a scientific summary of the experiences of the Chinese nation in struggling against diseases for thousands of years, and one of the traditional medicines with the greatest vitality over the world. Influenced by the thoughts of Chinese ancient philosophy and culture, TCM wields the mode dialectical thinking to research into the laws of life activities of the human body from a macroscopic and systematic point of view, it has formed an unique theoretical system and diagnosing-treating technique which have made an indelible contribution to both Chinese health care and Chinese nation's multiplication and prosperity. Owing to its specific Oriental style and remarkable therapeutic effect, TCM has not only enjoyed a high reputation, but also been spreading into the world, and then will play more and more important role in striving for the health and longevity of mankind.

The Basic Theories of TCM is a fundamental subject of medicine in which TCM principal conceptions, doctrines and their interrelations are studied and elaborated. The subject involves the theories of Yin-Yang and five elements, the Zangfu-organs, essence, Qi, blood, body fluid, meridian, etiology, pathogenesis, prevetive and therapeutic rules, etc.. Actually, the basic theories of TCM may be regarded as an outline or epitome of TCM theoretical system, and thus is a required rudimental course for TCM learners as well as a foundation for systematically mastering the knowledge and technique of all the other TCM subjects both in theory and practice."

Zhang Liutong & Cheng Zhaozhi

Wuhan University Press

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