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Traditional Chinese Treatment for Hypertension


Medicina Tradicional Chinesa - Geral.

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"Hypertension is commonly seen in the clinic. About 300 million people suffer from hypertension and its complications. It may develop and cause dysfunction and organic changes of brain, heart, and kidneys, etc., and do great harm to people's health. Up to now, favorable and radical treatment has not been found out in modern medicine. Patients with hypertension have to take medicine for a long period of time or even in all their lives.

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) therapy has gentle and stable effects on hypertension. It may improve the symptoms, reduce the complications, reverse the impairment of target organs, and improve the prognosis. The book consists of 9 chapters. Some knowledge of hypertension in modern medicine is considered briefly in order to help the combination of the Chinese traditional and Western medicine. This is included in Chapter 1. In Chapter 2, we have discussed TCM knowledge of hypertension - its causes and mechanisms, the differentiation and therapeutic principles and the corresponding recipes. In Chapter 3, varied Chinese herbal medicines are recommended for hypertension. Chapter 4, prescriptions of TCM for lowering blood pressure. In the subsequent 5 chapters, acupuncture treatment, massage therapy, qigong and medicated diet are considered. Nursing care is included in Capter 9. We have tried to ensure that this book in accurate, practical, and up to date."

Hou Jinglun

Academy Press [Xue Yuan]

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