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Typical TCM Therapy for Cervical Spondylosis

Medicina Tradicional Chinesa - Geral.
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"Cervical spondylopathy is a commonly-encountered disease extremely complicated in etiology, pathogenesis and clinical manifestations, with a high incidence and great harm to the health of the mankind. The symptoms of pain and numbness in the neck, shoulder and arm, headache and dizziness can be present in the mild cases and the paralysis in the limbs can be caused in the severe cases.

Chinese medicine is a great treasure house and is better in the therapeutic results for cervical spondylopathy. Based upon the clinical practice experience and in reference to the related literature and data, we have compiled this book, in Part One, Part Two and Part Three. The general introduction in Part One explains briefly the main points in pattern identification and diagnosis. The specific therapies in Part Two introduce in detail over ten therapeutic modalities such as Chinese massage, traction manipulation, herbal medicine, acupuncture and moxibustion. The experience of senior Chinese medical doctors in Part Three introduces the therapeutic experience of three famous doctors. The whole book gives stress on the introduction of the specific therapeutic modalities in Chinese medicine. During the compilation of this book, we tried our best to make language simple and easy to understand.

Due to the limited time and knowledge in the compilation of this book, mistakes and errors cannot be fully avoided. The comments and criticism from the readers will be highly appreciated."

Huang Guicheng, Zhao Heqing & Sun Yuming

Shangai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine Press

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