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Alleviating the Side Effects of Cancer Treatment

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"Malignant tumors have a high mortality rate. Tumors originating from the epithelium are called carcinoma, and those originating from the mesenchymal non-ephithelium are called sarcoma. Both types of tumors are difficult to treat, particularly carcinoma, which accounts for approximately 90% of malignant tumors. Each year in China over 1.6 million new cases of malignant tumors are diagnosed, among them: lung cancer, stomach cancer, liver cancer, breast cancer and cervical cancer. These are the most common cancers throughout China, with little variation by region.

Because cancer is such a serious condition with an often poor prognosis, it cannot generally be cured by a single therapeutic method. Oncologists in China have recently integrated Traditional Chinese and Biomedicine therapy with the more recognized surgical therapy, radiation therapy, chemotherapy, physiotherapy, and immuno-therapy used in Western countries. This new method of treating cancer based on the combination of modern disease diagnosis with syndrome differentiation according to Chinese medicine. It focuses on removing the local tumor as well as taking a holistic approach that strengthens the body's resistance to further illness. Integration of Chinese medicine and biomedicine has been proven superior to using either a single biomedical therapy or relying solely on Chinese medicine. Results of integrative therapy include improved quality of live, improved survival rate, and prolonged life expectancy among cancer patients.

Professor Zhang Dai-zhao is a well-know oncologist in China and has devoted his life to the clinical care and research of tumors. Many critical patients have been saved by expertise in treated tumor patients with the integration of Chinese and Biomedicine. His years of research have greatly advanced the treatment of malignant tumors in China. Dr. Zhang's text will be useful to medical students, researchs, and physicians as a teaching tool and an invaluable reference volume."

Zhang Dai-zhao

People’s Medical Publishing House

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