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Typical TCM Therapy for Lung Cancer

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"Primary bronchial lung cancer, known as lung cancer for short, is a commonly encountered malignant lung tumor. As the society develops, the spectrum of diseases has gradually changed due to such factors like industrialization and environmental pollution. As a result, the incidence and mortality of malignant tumors have ranked first. In recent decades, the incidence and mortality of lung cancer in all countries have increased rapidly, especially in the developed countries. In America, Britain, Germany and Finland for example, lung cancer ranks first in the deaths from cancer among the male. Similar phenomenon has also appeared in some industrialized cities and mine areas in China. The mortality of lung cancer is quite high. Though various therapies have been tried, just about 10 percent of the patients on the average can survive for 5 years. The age of the patients tends to be younger. This tendency has drawn attention from the medical fields and becomes a project studied by the medical fields. Therefore the treatment and prevention of lung cancer seems emergent and important.

Lung cancer pertains to the concept of "lung stagnation" in TCM. TCM has accumulated rich clinical experience in the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of this disease. In recent decades, certain curative effect has been obtained in the treatment of this disease based on the differentiation of syndromes by means of TCM and integrated traditional Chinese and Western medicine. Such a treatment can alleviate suffering of the patients, prolong life and, in some cases, even clinically cure the patients. This treatment not only can partially eliminate and reduce tumor, but also can reduce the post-operational prolapse and metastasis as well as the side effects of chemical therapy. In view of these facts, we have compiled this book based on the materials extensively collected and personal clinical experience.

Detailed explanation is made in this book about the treatment based on syndrome differentiation for lung cancer and other unique therapeutic methods in TCM. The content is concise in description and easy to understand. It can serve as a handbook for doctors in clinical practice."

Wu Mianhua & Zhou Xueping

Shangai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine Press

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