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Otorhinolaryngology of Traditional Chinese Medicine

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"Otorhinolaryngology of traditional Chinese medicine, a clinical science, studies the diseases of the ear, nose and throat under the guidance of TCM theories in combination with the clinical syndrome differentiation of modern TCM.

This book mainly introduces the basic theories of Otorhinolaryngology of traditional Chinese medicine and the therapeutic methods of the commonly-seen diseases. The book consists of two parts. Part one is general introduction and part part two specific discussions. The former introduces the routine examination methods, syndrome differentiation approaches and therapeutic methods of TCM of the diseases of the ear, nose and throat; the latter which includes three chapters introduces 29 commonly-seen diseases of the ear, nose and throat respectively. The specific discussions briefly expound the basic concept, major pathogenic factors and pathogenesis, main points for diagnosis and syndrome differentiation of every disease. For some diseases, the authors also introduce the easy and practical simple and proved recipes as well as external therapeutic methods. As for the contents of acumoxi, massage as well as health preservation and rehabilitation, we will not discuss them here, for they are introduced in other special books."

Yan Daonan

Publishing House of Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine

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