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Popular Traditions and Costums of Chinese New Year

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"It is not always easy for a non-Chinese to understand the full spiritual, social, personal, and, indeed, cosmological significance of Chinese New Year.

Spiritually the keynote is renewal. The old years goes, and with it go old misfortunes and old wrongs, the new year comes and brings the chance for starting afresh. Socially it signifies reunion, the end of confrontation, the renewal of harmony. Personally and in business one hopes to pay off one's debts, tidy up all loose end, and turn over a new leaf.

In traditional Chinese thinking these ideas are closely connected with the return of the Yang and the beginning of spring.

The festivities and rites connected with Chinese New Year are observed with undiminished enthusiasm. No foreigner can fail to notice the complete dislocation of all normal activities in this festive season."

Jade Lim

Cypress Book Co. UK Ltd.

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