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Chinese-English Edition of Illustrations on TCM Tongue Diagnosis

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"With the advance of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), more and more people in the world expect to understand its theory and approach on diagnosing diseases. As an important part of TCM system on syndrome differentiation and individualized treatment, the tongue diagnosis is now attracting the worldwide attention. Taking the "tongue diagnosis" from the National Planned University Textbooks as the original reference, this book selects more than 200 pictures with explanations in both Chinese and English; introduces such contents as tongue inspection methods involving inspecting tongue proper, tongue coating and sublingual vessels; and combined more than 30 case reports of tongue diagnosis. Therefore the book makes reading difficult and ancient tongue diagnosis a vivid, direct and interesting job. Most pictures of this book are selected from our self-made systematic database of tongue conditions and have been approved by distinguished clinical TCM physicians, which made the picture collection normalized and standardized.

The book is intended primarily for those students from majors of traditional Chinese medicine, Integrative Chinese-Western medicine and Western medicine, clinicians and overseas friends to learn TCM tongue diagnosis. This book is also intended for senior experts or scholars who dedicated to multi-discipline research on tongue diagnosis. In addition, this book can also provide TCM health preservation suggestions for the public and those who love TCM."

Wang Yi-qin

Shangai Scientific and Technical Publishers

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