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Treatment of Diabetes Mellitus with Chinese Medicine (The)



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"This book is a clinical manual on the Chinese medical treatment of diabetes mellitus (DM) and its many complications. The Chinese medical materials have been compiled by myself and Lynn Kuchinski. The Western medicine materials have been written, checked, and/or edited by Robert Casañas, MD. This book has been patterned after Blue Poppy Press's critically acclaimed Chinese Medical Psychiatry. Each Western medical condition contained herein is discussed in terms of its Western medical definition, epidemiology, etiology, pathophysiology, diagnosis, current standarts of care, and prognosis. These Western medical sections are then followed by Chinese medical sections describing disease categorization, disease causes and mechanisms, treatment based on pattern discrimination (both acupuncture and Chinese medicinal), abstracts of representative Chinese research, representative Chinese case histories, and a concluding "Remarks" section discussing clinical tips and concerns. Other sections in this book describe the history of diabetes in both Western and Chinese medicines, Chinese materia medica and DM, Chinese formulas and DM, acupuncture, tuina, and Chinese foot relexology and DM, exercise and qigong and DM, and Western and Chinese dietary therapies and DM as well as discussions on the integration of Chinese and Western medicines, syndrome X, and dealing with such issues as patient adherence and denial. At the back of this book, the reader will find a glossary of Western medical diagnosis and treatment. The reader will also find the most extensive Chinese medical bibliography on DM of which we are aware..."

Bob Flaws, Lynn Kuchinski & Robert Casañas, M.D.

Blue Poppy Press

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