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Atlas of Chinese Massage Therapy

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"Chinese massage therapy is a traditional subject and still shines with vigorous vitality. With swift development of modern medicine, it does not decline or disappear; on the contrary, it becomes more influential and more extensive in the therapeutic and healthcare scope. This phenomenon fully indicates that in the high developing moment of modern science and technology, Chinese massage therapy, as a component part of traditional Chinese medicine, is completely necessary.

The publication of Chinese - English Atlas of Chinese Massage Therapy predicts that the international propagation of traditional Chinese medicine will develop more quickly. By composition of the essentials and by the principles of simple contents, practical and easy mastery and more scientificity, this book introduces traditional Chinese massage therapy to the readers at home and abroad in simple language and expounds the basic manual techniques of Chinese massage therapy and their clinical application. I believe the publication of this book will have positive influence on the international popularization and better understanding of traditional Chinese massage therapy in the world.

Having worked in the department of Chinese massage therapy in Yue Yang Hospital affiliated to Shangai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine for over 40 years and as a former deputy director of the teaching section of manual techniques in the faculty of acupuncture and massage therapy of Shangai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Zhou Xinwen has compiled Chinese - English Atlas of Chinese Massage Therapy, to meet the needs of the development of Chinese massage therapy, by his plentiful experience in the teaching and clinical practice, together with his colleagues, after learning widely from the strong points of other masters and revising his manuscript for several times during the past years, not only beneficial to the workers in the medical service, education and scientific research and also beneficial to international academic exchange. Undoubtedly, his contribution does not need to be mentioned. I just write down those words as forewords for your reference."

Zhou Xinwen

Shangai University of T.C.M. Press

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