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Chinese Herbal Legends – 50 Stories for Understanding Chinese Herbs

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"Chinese medicinal herbs, the quintessence of TCM, arouse more and more interest among the people of the world because of their safety, smaller number of side effects and confirmed curative effects. For thousands of years, herbs have made a great contribution to the development and prosperity of the Chinese nation, and to the health of the Chinese people.

Unlike most other English versions, Chinese Herbal Legends not only introduces basic knowledge, but also presents vivid Chinese folk stories about one hundred Chinese medicinal herbs. Naturally, this book features the following qualities: it is scientific, practical and unique.

This work consists of two volumes, each comprising fifty herbs. All the translators involved are well versed in translating TCM into English to ensure that the English version be accurate, clear and graceful. The English manuscript of this book was edited by an American, Ms. Chris Flanagan, to make this book suitable to Western readers. We hope that this book will be profitable to medical theorists, teachers and students.

At the time of publication, we would like to acknowledge the following individuals who have made significant contributions to this book: People's Medical Publishing House director Liu Shui and Dr. Shen Chengling provided vitally important support for the successful publication on this book. Some stories in the first volume were greatly helped by the input of professors Li Xiaoping and Ding Wenjie. During the compiling of this book, Ms. Ma Qiujing, Mr. Zhu Lin and Ms. Hu Xinxin provided their helpful comments and suggestions.

We hope that readers of Chinese Herbal Legends will find it enjoyable, exciting, and practically useful. We sincerely invite any advice or criticism of this book from scholars at home and abroad."

Zhu Zhongbao & Zhu Liu

People's Medical Publishing House

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