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Pictorial Guide to Clinical Observation in Chinese Medicine

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"Pictorial Guide to Clinical Observation in Chinese Medicine is a text concerning the Chinese medical examination method of inspection - the first of what is known as the "four examinations." The material comes from content given by Professor Chen Jiaxu, of the Beijing TCM University, in his course "Chinese Medical Diagnosis." Topics covered include the six aspects of inspection: vitality and color, body shape and form, sense organs and orifices of the head and face, tongue, body and limbs, and skin. Commonly encountered disease syndromes are presented in 222 cases with corresponding pictorials to display the essentials of inspection for each case. As such, this text serves a wide range of interests. Pictorial Guide to Clinical Observation in Chinese Medicine can be used as a reference guide by medical college students, international students, as well as scientific researchers and academics. It can even serve as enlightening reading material that serves to broaden general interest in Chinese medicine."

Chen Jia-xu & Song Tian-bin

People's Medical Publishing House

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