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Clinical Moxibustion Therapy


Acupunctura e Moxibustão.

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"This is a book on clinical application of moxibustion. Based on more than 40 years of clinical practice, the author has been putting forth a systematic exposition of the clinical application of moxibustion, clinical research, and provides its readers with detailed first-hand data. This book is divided into three parts. The first part gives a general introduction of moxibustion, its current usage, classification, operational procedures, a consent letter for moxibustion treatment, new standards for moxibustion dosages, the mechanism of moxibustion and some typical cases. Part two is about channels and acupoints used in moxibustion. Part three introduces the treatment of common diseases with moxibustion. With its abundant contents and simple language, this book is very practical and useful for acupuncturists, medical students, and people who are interested in the usage of moxibustion.

- The contents of this book are rich, simple, practical and readable
- Explains the theories and foundations of moxibustion
- Presents in details of the therapy, principle of treatment, making of moxibustion, method for manipulation
- Demonstrates the photos and the first-hand information in clinic
- Displays detailed clinical experiences and case studies"

Li Guan-rong

People's Medical Publishing House

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