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Brief Introduction to Chinese Medicine for Medical Practitioners (A)

Acupunctura Geral.
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"The theory of Chinese medicine developed and expanded mainly from long term repeated practice and experience. As early as 4000 years ago, the ancient Chinese created primitive medicine in their struggle with nature and disease. During the process of experimenting with indigenous plants, minerals and animals as food, they soon understood that some of these substances could relieve or even eliminate some diseases. From this, came the development of Chinese herbal medicine and its applications. Using the power of fire to warm the body also came from those times of antiquity. The ancients found that, applying heated stones or hot sand wrapped with leather or certain types of bark, could relieve pain or discomfort. Gradually they developed the method of using hot compresses and moxibustion. During the process of using stone and animal bones, for use in the production of tools, they found that when one part of the body is penetrated, a disorder in another part of the body can be relieved. Hence, the ancients created a method of using stone or bone needles for therapeutic use. From this, acupuncture was developed, and soon after, acupuncture channel theory."

Hao Ya-ning

People's Medical Publishing House

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