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Fundamental Theory of Traditional Chinese Medicine


Medicina Tradicional Chinesa - Geral.

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"This book is one of the series of bilingual textbooks programmed by the Public Health Ministry for the 11 five plans for Chinese medicine specialized foreign students in college of Chinese medicine and pharmacy in China.

Fundamental theory of Chinese medicine is the important component part of theoretical system of Chinese medicine. It is the basis for studying knowledge of various subjects of Chinese medicine. In this book, the basic theories and knowledge of Chinese medicine are mainly introduced, including the initiating and development of theoretical system of Chinese medicine, the basic characteristics of Chinese medicine theoretical system, yin-yang and the five elements theories, visceral picture theory, essence-qi-blood-fluid theory, meridian theory, constitutional theory, etiopathological theory, and principles for prevention and treatment.

According to the demand of Editing Committee for Bilingual Textbooks programmed by The Public Health Ministry for The 11 Five Plans for Chinese Medicine Specialized Foreign Students in College of Chinese Medicine and Pharmacy in China, in the compilation of this book, we take keeping the feature of the traditional Chinese medicine as the aim, emphasize the integrity and systematicness, and point out the guiding role of these theories to the clinical practice, so as make the book possess more practical value. At the same time, we also draw some contents of advances in relative studies, in combination with the teaching experiences of the authors for many years, so that the scientificness and advancedness of the traditional theory of Chinese medicine can be shown. In order to avoid a large number of the pages, we manage appropriately to give some contents in detail while some others briefly.

The compilation and translation of the book are accomplished through sharing the work by the members of the committee. Of which the Chinese manuscript is examined by the compiler in chief and the English manuscript is done by the translator in chief. The book is mainly for foreign students in China, but it may also serve as a reference book for those engaging in Chinese-English bilingual teaching in college of Chinese medicine and pharmacy, and those who learn Chinese medicine on their own both at home and abroad.

It is a hard work to compile a Chinese-English bilingual textbook. Although we have made a great effort in both compilation and translation, there are definitely some shortcomings or errors because of our insufficient experience and limited learning. Here we earnestly hope to receive any valuable criticism or suggestion from the readers so that we can further revise and improve it."

Chai Kefu

People's Medical Publishing House

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