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The Clinical Practice of Chinese Medicine - Postpartum Hypogalactia & Breast Hyperplasia

Ginecologia e Obstetrícia.
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"At present, 30%-40% of adult women have different kinds of breast diseases at different levels, and the incidence rate keeps rising. Therefore, the prevention and treatment of breast diseases have become an important issue for the maintenance of women's health. Chinese medicine has a history of over two thousand years on the treatment of breast diseases, thus accumulating abundant experience in fundamental theory, treatment modalities, prevention and regulation of breast diseases. Notably, a diagnosis and treatment system with integral theory, confirmative efficacy, marked advantages and distinguished characteristics has been shaped over postpartum hypogalactia and breast hyperplasia.

This book is one of the well-organized and comprehensive series of The Clinical Practice of Chinese Medicine which aims to guide the reader through the complexity of clinical practice. This book discusses, in detail, the clinical experience of ancient and modern-day renowned physicians and enables the practitioner to become more adept at using Chinese medicine in the diagnosis and treatment of postpartum hypogalactia and breast hyperplasia.

- Pattern differentiation and treatment with herbs & acupuncture
- Clinical experience of distinguished physicians
- Famous physicians' case studies
- Relevant contemporary research on pattern differentiation & formulas
- Selected quotes from classical texts"_x000D_

Lin Yi

People's Medical Publishing House

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