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The Clinical Practice of Chinese Medicine - Psoriasis & Cutaneous Pruritus



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"Psoriasis and cutaneous pruritus are commonly seen in the dermatology department. Psoriasis affects people's appearance and brings patients important physical and mental harm. Due to its lingering course, it is referred to as a "non-fatal-survivable cancer". However, the complex etiological factors of cutaneous pruritus increase the difficulties of treatment. The antipruritic therapies of biomedicine achieve good curative effects but with various side effects. Researchers and clinicians around the world have been giving increased attention to the treatment of these disorders. While biomedicine can have good therapeutic effects, they are not extensively applied clinically due to the severe side effects. On the other hand, Chinese medicine has obvious effective treatment to relieve and control pathological conditions by classifying them according to the complete system of pattern differentiation, and applying effective treatments according to different clinical manifestations.

This book is an important textual component in the series The Clinical Practice of Chinese Medicine. The intention of this book is to introduce Chinese medical experience to overseas readers, while offering a variety of complementary treatment methods for both psoriasis and cutaneous pruritus. We hope that this book will help our readers gain an overall understanding of Chinese diagnosis and treatment methods, as well as provide specific therapeutic approaches for patients suffering from psoriasis and cutaneous pruritus.

- Pattern differentiation and treatment with herbs & acupuncture
- Clinical experience of distinguished physicians
- Famous physicians' case studies
- Relevant contemporary research on pattern differentiation & formulas
- Selected quotes from classical texts"

Lu Chuan-jian & Xuan Guo-wei

People's Medical Publishing House

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