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The Clinical Practice of Chinese Medicine - Herpes Zoster & Fungal Skin Infections

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"Herpes zoster, commonly known as shingles, is an acute viral infection characterized by severe pain and blister-like eruptions in areas of local nerve distribution. Satisfactory therapeutic effects may be achieved when treatment is based on accurate pattern differentiation. Chinese medicinals can also benefit this condition by eliminating toxic pathogens that obstruct the channels and collaterals.

Due to the extensive application of antibiotics, steroids, and immune suppressants, the number of fungal skin infections has continued to increase in recent years. Although many fungal skin conditions can be very tenacious, most conditions respond well to the proper application of Chinese medicinals. The combining of internal and external methods is an especially potent approach to treatment.

This book is an important component text in the series The Clinical Practice of Chinese Medicine. The intention of this book is to introduce overseas readers to the Chinese medical experience, while also offering practitioners a variety of complementary and integrative treatment methods. By providing the time-honored clinical methods of Chinese traditional medicine, this text will undoubtedly benefit the many patients who suffer with these conditions.

- Pattern differentiation and treatment with herbs & acupuncture
- Clinical experience of contemporary physicians
- Case studies from famous Chinese doctors
- Relevant modern clinical research
- Selected quotes from classical texts"

Xuan Guo-wei & Fan Rui-qiang

People's Medical Publishing House

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