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The Clinical Practice of Chinese Medicine - Diabetes & Obesity

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"This book is an important component text in the series The Clinical Practice of Chinese Medicine. The intention of this book is to offer effective complementary treatment approaches for diabetes and obesity.

With today's rapidly changing modern lifestyles, the incidence of both conditions continue to rise steadily across the world. These two very common disorders have clearly become a danger to public health, and are some of the most challenging problems facing human society.

Chinese medicine displays a unique approach in the management of both diabetes and obesity, with very few side effects. The therapeutic methods elaborated here are also excellent for preventing secondary complications, especially cardiovascular disease. Many patients will experience markedly effective results.

The clinical diagnostic and treatment methods presented here are based on many centuries of clinical observation combined with the results of modern research. By providing the time-honored clinical methods of Chinese traditional medicine, we hope that this book will help our readers gain a deeper understanding of clinical diagnosis and treatment. This text will undoubtedly benefit the many patients who suffer with these conditions.

- Pattern differentiation and treatment with herbs & acupuncture
- Clinical experience of distinguished physicians
- Case studies from famous Cinese Doctors
- Relevant modern clinical research
- Selected quotes from classical texts"

Feng Wei-bin & Fan Guan-jie

People's Medical Publishing House

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