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Atlas of Pathologic Basis of Ophthalamology (An)

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"The eye is one of highly important organs of the body. An ophtalmologist must not rest or stay on the ordinary clinical diagnosis and therapy. Although some doctors engaged in the ophthalmology for many years, they haven't the clear understanding of the fine structures of the eye. This is not enought for a correct diagnosis or a precise operation in the clinic. To improve the skill constantly, it must deepen the knowledge of fine structures of the eye and its pathological changes. On the base of normal construction of structures to observe the pathological changes, which can increase much knowledge, clinical experiences and get some very unusual terms of the diagnosis for the ophthalmologists. It helps the ophthalmologists not to stay on the surface of the appearance of the disease, but that to look for the pathogeny on a firm base and to improve the ability of clinical diagnosis and therapeutics. Owing to the most ophthalmologists are immersed in the clinical affairs, they haven't the opportunity to specially study the pathology systematically. For this reason, I wrote this book. If only it may bring some benefit to my same trade and increases their technical competence. "The experience is priceless treasure." I believe that my clinical experience, especially some rare and worthy data which are supplied in this book can not be antiquated. I offer these data as useful reference for the ophthalmologists who study the basic knowledge. I found some problems in the break and proliferation of corneal posterior elastic membrane, then results in the secondary glaucoma, the human ciliary - irideal processes may cause the glaucoma etc. These cases can be provided to further study by ophthalmologists and to make a valuable contribution to the ophthalmology.

The lessons of unsuccessful operations are specially written in a section alone, it is not without advantage to the clinicians.

Surely, this book is not all - sidedness and does not probe so deeply into the essence. It is only a guid for beginners and may arouse their interest of study. Any correction and supplement would be greatly appreciated.

I tender my acknowledgement to Prof. He Shufang and Prof. Wang Tailing for their much support and encouragement. The acknowledgement also would be made to Professors Wu Zhenzhong, Zheng Zhiliang, Zhang Ruixue and Liu Sujin, and to the chairman of ophthalmologic department Li Guisen for their great helps. Greatful acknowledgement should be made to People's Health Press for her guidance and support. The earlier stage of digital image processing has finished by Mr. Kang Qiang."

Huang Xiuzhen

People's Medical Publishing House

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