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Acupuncture - An Anatomical Approach


Acupunctura Geral.

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"Designed specifically for physicians and other health care providers, this book demystifies acupuncture and explains it in anatomical terms. The authors show how the progression of chronic pain is manifested in the peripheral nervous system, leading to a technique of patient assessment that enables both primary care physicians and pain management specialists to predict their patients' likely response to acupuncture and other pain management modalities.

After exploring the anatomical basis of pain progression and acupuncture treatment in depth, the authors define acupuncture points as elements of the sensory nervous system and provide copious illustrations that enable the practitioner to easily locate the points based on anatomical landmarks. They cover the basics of performing acupuncture, including obtaining and maintaining needles, inserting them into appropriate points, avoiding injury, and anticipating and managing side effects. The remainder of the book describes the application of acupuncture to painful conditions such as headache; neck, shoulder, and low back pain; neuropathies of the upper extremity; dysmenorrhea; joint pain of the lower extremities; and treatment of other non-painful conditions such as sinus allergy and asthma, incontinence, and infertility.

With its emphasis on the importance of using acupuncture early in the progression of painful conditions and elucidation of economic considerations for incorporating acupuncture into a primary care practice, the book underlines the need for primary care practitioners to provide this intervention. It is a must-have book for physicians wanting to provide comprehensive solutions for their patients."

Houchi Dung, Curtis P. Clogston & Joeming W. Dunn

CRC Press

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