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Blood Stasis - China's classical concept in modern medicine

Medicina Tradicional Chinesa - Geral.
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"This book covers, in clear and comprehensive detail a description of Blood stasis in Traditional Chinese Medicine, covering the background knowledge, causes and diagnosis from the viewpoint of Chinese and conventional medicine. This is then clarified by means of case studies. Many Western diseases including diabetes, gynaecological disorders, stroke, tumours and myocardial infarction, and the interaction of these with other pathological factors are discussed, and the classical sources quoted. Differentiations and treatments, both Classical and modern, including both acupuncture and herbal medicine prescriptions, are provided in all categories along with the classification of treatment principles.

As a complement, a comprehensive Appendix contains an extensive glossary explaining technical terms, references and bibliography, comparative lists and a general index. Within these, the concept of Blood stasis will be illuminated from the point of view of both TCM and modern science.

- Examination of the concepts and processes of blood stasis in TCM are unravelled indetail
- Draws on original translations from Chinese sources ranging from the classical era through to modern times
- Written by a highly qualified practitioner and teacher
- Describes in full the historical perspective of Chinese medicine's presentation of blood stasis theory
- Includes modern research
- Highlights recent detailed analysis of blood stasis and herbs
- Case studies merged throughout support the text."

Gunter R Neeb

Churchill Livingstone Elsevier

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