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Atlas of Tongue Diagnosis for AIDS Patients



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"Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS) has been recognized since 1981; HIV (Human Immunodeficiency Virus) was identified in 1983; worldwide, millions of people have been infected and killed by it, yet AIDS is still considered a "new" disease. The medical world is still struggling to design satisfactory treatments for HIV and AIDS-related opportunistic diseases.

In contrast to Western medicine, which focuses its research on the discovery of a single cure, Chinese medicine approaches the treatment of HIV and AIDS as it approaches all diseases, on the basis of syndrome differentiation tailored to the individual patient. Clinical research of the treatment of HIV and AIDS based on syndrome differentiation has encouraging prospects. At the heart of differential diagnosis lies the system of observation of patient signs and symptoms, and one the four main observation systems is the science of tongue diagnosis.

Tongue diagnosis has a long and important history. Chinese medicine considers the tongue the external reflection, or mirror, of the zang and fu organs, which reveals the real condition of patients. It plays a significant part in the evaluation of all disease conditions, choosing treatment direction and prognosis.

Atlas of Tongue Diagnosis for AIDS PAtients is a big step forward for clinicians everywhere, as it presents a clear introduction to the use of tongue diagnostic methods inthe treatment of patients with HIV and AIDS based on correct syndrome. In two years of research, the tongues of 1,284 patients with AIDS and HIV were photographed - of which 718 of these have been compiled into this volume.

This book not only thoroughly presents the typical sorts of tongue manifestations in patients with AIDS and HIV, but many variations, and examples of patients with opportunistic diseases. The photographs in this book were taken with high-resolution digital cameras by professional photographers in natural lighting, and have been categorized after colorimetric analysis by experts.

By presenting detailed pictures accompanied by accurate information in succinct language about each patient's conditions, this book is immediately accessible in a practical sense. Readers of the Atlas of Tongue Diagnosis for AIDS Patients will find that this presentation of both typical and uncommon tongue manifestations, will better aid them to use a flexible approach to cope with complicated situations."

Peng Bo & Xie Shi-ping

People's Medical Publishing House

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