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Chinese Herbal Medicine and Psychophysiology

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"Traditional medicines of the East offered astute and precise clinical protocols, seemingly beyond the science of their time. The great masters combined a keen clinical eye with deep intuitive understandings of the human condition. These traditions are based on solid understandings of disease pathologies that today can be verified through scientific investigation. _x000D_

When examining psychological distress, we now understand through the science of Neuroimmunoendocrinology that the psyche/soma is a muitilevel system, which embraces the whole human. You can't understand a disease outside the context of the person with the disease. _x000D_


We are in a new era of medicine and are shedding the constrictive aspects of reductionism while seeking solid evidence as to efficacy. _x000D_


Chinese medicine speaks of concepts such as qi, Shen and the San Jiao system and we are now able to under­ stand the basis of these observations within a scientific framework. We now have a rational, anatomical and physiological basis for these concepts, which will allow us to treat with precision within a bio-medical mode!. The best of East and West and the best of ancient and modern suggests a true paradigm shift."

Daniel Weber

Panaxea Publishing

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